Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Heart of a Regency Romance: The Hero or the Heroine?

To me, a Regency is about the journey of both the hero and heroine, and what they must overcome in order to be together. I've heard differing opinions on this subject; to some, it's all about the hero. To others, the heroine.

I believe an author must love both characters in order to portray them as believable people. Readers, however, might identify with either the hero or heroine.

What do you think? When you read a Regency, do you find yourself drawn more to the hero, to the heroine, or does it depend on the story?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fun With Characters: Heroes

I must admit that, when it comes to Regency heroes, I love a good rogue - someone who lives life by his rules, not necessarily those of Society. That in itself makes me wonder what happened in their child- or young adulthood to make them that way?

In my last book, The Reluctant Rogue, Sebastian spent his formative years being compared unfavorably to his older brother, which drove a deep rift between him and his father. Consequently, he turned out to be more than a little rebellious, which was a lot of fun to write!

What about you? What kind of hero draws you in the most: the brooding recluse, the wounded war hero, the unrepentant rake, the carefree rogue, or the stalwart best friend?

I look forward to reading your answers!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to Work!

I'm thrilled that NAL is giving the Regency a second chance at life - I know so many of you who were devastated (as I was) by the closing of this line. I hope that readers flock to the debut of NAL's new e-book program; this will be a tremendous second chance for all of us!

That said, I'd like to say to all you loyal Regency readers: thank you for carrying the torch for our genre! NAL has heard you, and your patience will soon be rewarded.

Granted, it's going to be a bit of a wait, but I've found a way to pass the time: I'm so excited by the prospect of writing new Regencies that I'm already hard at work on my next one! So, to help tide you over until NAL's official e-book launch, I should have some sample chapters up shortly.

And, of course, I will fill you in with more details about NAL's relaunch as soon as I get them!



Sunday, August 21, 2011


Welcome to my new blog home, everyone!

I've been away for a while, but I'm so glad to be back, especially with such good news: early in 2012, Signet/NAL will be relaunching their Regency line in e-book format!  Better still, my three books are being included in the first big promotional splash.

And, I've been told that if Regency-loving readers respond with as much enthusiasm as we hope they will, Signet will publish new e-book Regencies!

So keep a weather eye out, all you Regency fans, because WE'RE BACK!